Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Few Good Spider[wo]men

Can you find spiders in the dark?
Can you do it blindfolded?
With a confidence level sufficient to wake someone at 4am?

That's one of many Computer Science challenges at Camiolog - and not just on Halloween.

You have to create and refine algorithms that operate on imagery that you cannot see.
You'll have training samples like this one explicitly "donated to science" by users like me:

But your work has to continue learning from the direct and indirect feedback from the Camiolog users actually authorized to see the results of your analyses. 

Why do we care about examples like this spider weaving its web?
Because we send alerts to people when significant events happen in regions of scenes that they care about. You'd appreciate a message at 4am if someone were breaking into your car; but if you're awakened to view this spider... not so much.

Check out

Happy Halloween.