Thursday, December 27, 2012

Secure & Bandwidth-Efficient Live Motion

From the start, we built Camiolog for our own use - for our dearest friends, family and neighbors. So privacy and security have been top design objectives.

That's why, for example, your cameras record to the cloud with encrypted Upload Tokens rather than with usernames and passwords, and access to your video is protected by Google's 2-step verification.

That's also why it bothers us so much that you're often told to forward ports in your local network router just to view live video! Unless you're a security geek, you may not realize that port forwarding makes your local network vulnerable to attack from anyone across the globe. is secure & bandwidth-efficient.
So when you want to view live motion while away from your home/office network, please use instead of connecting directly to your camera or DVR over the Internet using port forwarding.  That way, you keep your local network safe and your camera credentials confidential.

You also save bandwidth - which is especially important on mobile data plans. Instead of continuously streaming video, you fetch only the latest motion as it happens.

Keep it safe! Learn more at