Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Cloud is Always On (even if your camera isn't)

My dad's home in Mexico was struck by lightning. The palapa burned down — just 32 hours after insuring it.

Sounds suspicious, doesn't it? But the good people at Mariners Insurance México paid immediately to rebuild. It helped a lot that they could watch the video.

The cameras melted. But the video was already in the cloud. The lightning strike and subsequent fire are captured in this video by the reflection in a ceramic vase:

Since Camiolog is always-on — always running in the cloud — you get security and reliability benefits that also make video surveillance a lot more useful.

Not only is the video immediately off-site and securely replicated across datacenters, but the absence of video can be detected. For example, if your vacation home loses power, or if the dog knocks over your pet cam, Camiolog tells you. You'll get alerts like these:

As a cloud-based service, Camiolog just keeps running — reliably detecting the presence or absence of important events — even when lightning strikes.