Thursday, February 21, 2013

Compressing Time at a Watering Hole in Kenya

It's a thrill to see wild animals on the other side of the planet. But it's nighttime in Kenya when we're awake here. And even when we stay up late, there's no guarantee we'll tune-in at just the right time to catch an elephant or zebra. 
But now we can search [watering hole kenya] to compress weeks of video images into the watering hole highlights.

Rather than wading through lots of dark night images and weather changes over the course of many days, you can jump straight to the activity at the watering hole.

tip: Camiolog automatically purges content older than 30 days. But when you create a limited timespan Camio like the one on the left, you also prevent its content from being purged until you delete the Camio.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Search the Real World (in real-time)

Michael T. Jones taught me that silly questions aren't so silly.

Many people, when viewing satellite imagery in Google Earth or Maps for the first time, would zoom over their home or office and ask, "Why isn't my car parked outside? It's outside now." Those same questions popped up even with Street View.

(cue laughter from anyone that had labored for years to build a pipeline to stitch and normalize all that imagery together even monthly - much less in real-time)

But it got me to thinking - what would it take to search the real world in real-time? Why can't I ask "Which way did my black lab go?", "Did UPS deliver?", "Are the kids home from soccer yet?", etc. There's so much useful information to make searchable in real-time.

That's our goal at Camiolog - to make it simple to search the real world in real-time.

Here's a personal example from Monday. We're mounting a TRX strap to the ceiling of Camiolog's office (to help us counter all that hunching over keyboards), and I wanted to know whether the mount had been delivered to my home.

I searched [walkway 3pm Monday by event] to see that the package was left at our doorstep and then confirmed that my son had come home with the dog to pick it up from the front door. Simple.

And with Android's voice transcription, I'm using Camiolog's Search more often than menu buttons. It's not silly to ask why my car isn't parked outside anymore!

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