Friday, March 22, 2013

Search the Real World... on your iPhone

The Camiolog iPhone and iPad app was just released in the iTunes App Store. So now it's as easy to check your cameras on your smartphone or tablet as it is when you are at your desk.

Camiolog is still available from any standard web browser on any device, but we created this iOS app to improve the navigation and sharing experience. The app makes it easier to:

  • search quickly with keywords like [walkway 3pm yesterday]
  • filter results with native controls for cameras, zones or time frames
  • share Camios using the native share dialog
  • swipe to go back or forward in your navigation history

The Camiolog app will handle any link you click from your device. So it's easier to view a Camio shared via email, text message or web site.
I look forward to hearing from you how we can make it easier for you to get the most out of your content.  Please send me your top missing features so we can get them into our development plans.