Thursday, May 30, 2013

Crowdsource your Office Video Security

Now, all the Macs in your office are free security cameras! Just download CamioCam from the App Store.
If you have our latest iPhone app, your Macs will also alert you to what is happening wherever you are.
CamioCam only records when it matters, since it automatically adjusts to the lighting and motion levels in the room. When you get an alert on your phone, you can jump straight to the video that triggered the alert - no matter what network you're on. There's no need to configure firewalls or forward ports.

Once CamioCam is up and linked to your camiolog account, set up alert zones on the scene it’s capturing, like this:

conference room zone
You’ll get Alerts like this on your iPhone/iPad:

realtime alert
It’s as easy as that. I'm signing off with a screenshot of CamioCam and me triggering the conference room alert for your amusement!

CamioCam alerting me about me

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Search. In Color!

[ entrance blue ]
[ entrance white ]
Have you ever wanted to know when the FedEx or recycling truck came by?

Now you can - with a quick color search!

In these examples, I jumped to the white FedEx truck and blue recycling truck by including colors in my searches.

Camiolog now instantly detects the colors of moving objects in each frame.  Computers and humans process colors differently: we call a truck white, even though its moving image contains many shades of color in the tires, the body, the logo, and the windows.  Camiolog imitates the human vision process, detecting the "relevant" colors for each moving object in real time.  We are still fine-tuning the color detection; we welcome all feedback!

We have made colors searchable - just like camera names and zone labels. That way, you can quickly find your UPS delivery with a search like [walkway brown] or your black labrador with a search like [backyard black].

Color is another ingredient in making your video cameras more useful - easy to access, easy to search, and easy to act on. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Smarter Search with Vector-based Zones

When you label motion zones with simple terms like "lawn" or "driveway", you make your Camiolog search and alerts smarter. For example, the search [walkway by event yesterday] can include only the motion that happens in this oddly shaped polygon, selected in orange:
Vector-based Zone Editor with "walkway" selected

To label a zone, just:
  1. click on any image in your Camiolog stream
  2. click the "Edit Zones" button
  3. click "Draw Area" to place the vertices of one or more polygons covering your zone
  4. name your zone (e.g. "walkway") and click "Save"
Camiolog has switched to this vector-based zone editor. That means that:
  1. your labeled zones are precise at any image resolution
  2. it's easy to edit zones by moving polygon markers, and
  3. you should no longer use the old zone editor!
We'll still use your old zone definitions until you replace them with the new vector-based zones. Once you save a zone using the new "Edit Zones" for a particular camera, then Camiolog's image analysis for that camera will use only your newly defined vector-based zones.  We've included a temporary link to the "Old Zone Editor" in the upper right just so that you can view any previously defined zones in a separate window while creating your new ones.