Thursday, May 30, 2013

Crowdsource your Office Video Security

Now, all the Macs in your office are free security cameras! Just download CamioCam from the App Store.
If you have our latest iPhone app, your Macs will also alert you to what is happening wherever you are.
CamioCam only records when it matters, since it automatically adjusts to the lighting and motion levels in the room. When you get an alert on your phone, you can jump straight to the video that triggered the alert - no matter what network you're on. There's no need to configure firewalls or forward ports.

Once CamioCam is up and linked to your camiolog account, set up alert zones on the scene it’s capturing, like this:

conference room zone
You’ll get Alerts like this on your iPhone/iPad:

realtime alert
It’s as easy as that. I'm signing off with a screenshot of CamioCam and me triggering the conference room alert for your amusement!

CamioCam alerting me about me