Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Events at-a-glance

Want to see a quick summary of your video at-a-glance?
Now, whenever you pass your mouse over an event, you'll see a 2x-speed animation of the whole event sequence. In this screencast, I use the new color search feature with the query
[ front red yesterday 8pm events ]

Events can be animated, expanded, or collapsed with these actions:
animate - move your mouse over the event
expand - click on the event's green bar graph
collapse - click on the expanded event's color-coded bar 

On your smartphone or tablet, where you have no mouse, click on the event bar graph to start the animation.


p.s. - click a timestamp (e.g. "8:05:24 PM") to show results second-by-second starting at that time.
p.p.s. - the keyboard shortcut character 'e' toggles to/from viewing events.