Thursday, July 11, 2013

53-second Setup. No Cables!

This feels like magic. I can mount an outdoor WiFi camera right out of the box. No cables! – Colin Maslan
Camiolog Installer #1

With this new Android app, your cameras are up and running in 53 seconds without ever needing access to a router or PC.
In the earliest days of Camiolog, Colin did most of the Bay Area installations so that we could learn quickly how to simplify setup. His biggest request: eliminate the need to connect to a PC or router - especially when installing outdoor cameras.

To experience the "magic", I recorded my out-of-the-box setup of a Sharx outdoor WiFi camera using nothing more than my phone:

No more crawling behind desks and cabinets to connect cables. Now Colin returns from his installations dust-bunny-free!