Friday, July 5, 2013

Pick up where you left off

When we leave our dog at home alone, I often search [ black dog ] for a quick check on how she's been doing.

But I'd have to repeat the same search each time I opened Camiolog, since the default search included all events from all cameras.

Now, Camiolog picks up right where you left off. Your last search is remembered as the starting point for the next time you open or the Camiolog app.

Click the X (highlighted above) in the Search Box to clear all search filters.
Since reloading no longer forgets your prior search, we've added an X button in the Search Box as a quick way to clear all search filters to get back to viewing all events from all cameras. The equivalent mobile app Menu option is Clear all filters.

This new "sticky start page" is especially helpful when you typically use Camiolog as the Guest of another user. Rather than having to select the Account of the person sharing with you each time you open Camiolog, you jump straight to the shared video images - whether viewing Live Motion or Search results.

p.s. - Live Motion View (#live) now includes a button on each camera to take you to the recent events of that particular camera.