Thursday, March 6, 2014

CamioCam Top 40 Debut

CamioCam debuted in the top 40 startups at LAUNCH Festival last week. It's a digerati crowd... the tech enthusiasts... the power users... the people to thrill first on the way to smart video monitoring for everyone. Their excitement for making video useful - with fast digests, low bandwidth, and any camera input - has prompted people around the world to start using CamioCam (translations coming!)

CamioCam Turns Any Web Or Video Camera Into A Smart, Cloud-Based Monitoring Device

Our LAUNCH stage demo covered the "action" on my my front lawn. All my demos are limited to my own account. And you're probably much more interested in what's happening at your own place. So now you can use CamioCam free with your Android phone or tablet as the camera.
CamioCam Android
The CamioCam Android app records and alerts you for free.